The grouping. Who are we?

RadioTaxi Tarragona has been providing service to the city for over 40 years, using the most advanced technical means and the largest fleet.

We have more than 70 vehicles in Tarragona (5 of which are fully adapted for people with physical disabilities), the largest fleet of taxis available to users in the province 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Each taxi in the fleet is equipped with GPS technology allowing all time satellite geolocation and the real time automatic location of the nearest vehicle.

RadioTaxi Tarragona has all kinds of taxis, depending on the needs of users

    • Euro Taxi or adapted taxi
    • Wagon with large boot
    • Sedan
    • Minivans
    • High range

The taxi service is regulated by the law of the taxi 19/2003, of July 4, and by the Taxi Service Ordinance of Tarragona City Council.

It works with urban tariffs for the services that are carried out in the area of the city of Tarragona.

In journeys that are not included within this geographical area, the interurban fare is applied, which is authorized by the Generalitat of Catalunya.

It is a service that always works with a meter, which must be located in a visible place on the vehicle.

The driver must always put it into operation at the start of the journey.

If you want the taxi to wait for you after having made a first trip, the taxi driver can ask you, as a guarantee, for the payment of the service and also, the half-hour waiting price, if it is in the urban area, and the other time if it is in an open field. After this time, if you still have not returned, service will be disconnected.

The taxi is obliged to admit blind people accompanied by a guide dog (Law of the Parliament of Catalunya 10/1993).

If you confuse a municipal taxi and perform the service in a private vehicle, which acts outside the law, you will not have the minimum security guarantees for the occupants, lack of legal coverage and no quality required by the regulations.